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Sperm Donation

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Sperm donation is a method used in Assisted Reproduction whereby males, under the donor program, donate their sperm. This is usually resorted to in the cases where couples are unsuccessful in conceiving a child mainly due to low sperm count. Dogus IVF Centre assures an excellent choice of sperm donors.
The main reasons why women or couples may resort to sperm donation. In many cases these may include:
  • Low or no sperm from the male partner
  • The existence of a genetic condition affecting the male partner
  • The existence of a sexually transmitted disease affecting the male partner
  • A chromosomal abnormality in the semen of the male partner
  • The interest of a single woman with no male partner to conceive a child

With the above cases as well as other unique ones, couples or single women may decide to use donated sperm to achieve a more successful and healthy pregnancy. The selection of sperm donors as regulated by law, is one that needs to have candidates who are in very good condition, both physically and mentally, and who don’t have a history of hereditary diseases in the family. Donors are tested for infectious diseases (anti-HIV, anti-HCV, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG, HBsAg, VDRL) and also have regular spermiograms conducted. To ensure that this is achieved, the process of sperm donor selection by our clinic is repetitive, vigorous and vigilant.
The Dogus IVF Centre performs artificial insemination with donor sperm after couples or patients have chosen donors from the Sperm Bank International that has a vast database of frozen semen. In this procedure, ICSI is normally done with the artificial insemination as it ensures the highest success rate of achieving a successful pregnancy.
It is important to note that the process of sperm donation at Dogus IVF Centre is kept strictly anonymous. The recipient will be privy to the physical, educational and national attributes of the donor upon their request.

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