Tandem cycle

A Tandem Cycle is the ability of a clinic to execute, and a patient to undergo, two treatments at once (IVF and Egg donation). This is usually done to allow doctors to   choose the best ovaries and egg quality that may yield the highest success for the patient. In essence, a woman will undergo an IVF treatment as normal, and will also receive donor eggs. The resulting eggs from the stimulated ovaries will be compared to those from the donor, and those with the higher quality, will bee selected for fertilization.

When undergoing a Tandem Cycle, one greatly increases the chance of getting a woman pregnant using both her own eggs and donor eggs would give a good comparison of which one will  guarantee a higher success rate. In fact more so, this method helps saves time that would have otherwise been undergone by two separate treatments, instead would now be done at one go.

At Dogus IVF Centre the Tandem Cycle has been successfully performed for years. The Tandem Cycle is recommended to women who are in a certain age or who have a low-grade ovarian.

Tandem Cycle treatment at Dogus IVF Centre assists the fertilization process and it is recommended by many couples and women for its very high success rate of pregnancies.


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