Gender Selection Services at Dogus Fertility Clinic in Cyprus

Usually, some couples desire to have a baby girl or a baby boy. Previously, gender selection was not possible but, now thanks to innovative and cutting-edge technology, due to which such advanced techniques are available for couples undergoing IVF. Modern reproductive technologies are shifting the scope and have opened completely novel opportunities.

IVF gender selection techniques are available at Dogus Fertility Clinic We are specialists in this field, and our investigation is enough to establish a pre-implantation diagnosis and prevent the anomalies in the child’s genome, leading to hereditary disorders and congenital anomalies. Now, using the IVF with gender selection service offered by Dogus Fertility Clinic, a married couple or same-sex couple can plan the gender of their baby and have a DNA test done to exclude hereditary diseases. The goal of this service is to guarantee that parents have a healthy and fit baby of a definite gender.

IVF Gender selection –who benefit from the service?

Gender Preference

The choice of the child’s gender is significant not only for those who need a successor for the future fortune of the family. The couple may want the boy to be born first because they believe that he should become a guardian for the girl they are planning afterward.

Family Balancing

On the contrary, the parents have long dreamed about a girl, but boys are born in the family. If you preselect the sex of the child, you can establish the gender balance you need in the family.

To avoid X-linked Genetic Disorders

To select gender can be a crucial step in cases where there is a possibility of transmission of X-linked genetic disorders. For example, girls can inherit Turner syndrome, and boys can have hemophilia. The list of risky genetic diseases that can extremely harm the child’s health and meaningfully decrease their quality of life. Those disorders can be prevented by working on the preferred gender of the child at the embryo phase.

It is important that now you can do choose the gender, using the successes of the modern reproductive science and by contacting the Dogus fertility clinic for IVF.

IVF Gender Selection –Procedure

To choose the gender of the child, it is required to execute an IVF technique and accomplish genetic testing of the fetus. Initially, it is done with the help of a puncture; the mature eggs ready for fertilization are obtained from the female's ovaries. Then, in vitro, with the support of the ICSI technique, the eggs are united with a partner's sperm. Later, genetic testing of the developing embryos is done, which helps in determining the sex chromosomes with an accuracy of 100% and to choose the gender of the child. Once the desired embryo is picked, it is transferred to the female's uterus. After a full-term pregnancy, a baby with the desired gender is born.

Our service for gender selection at Dogus Fertility Clinic: Step by Step guidance

1. A patient can opt for the IVF service with gender selection. 2. We assess your reproductive perspective, conduct a test of your DNA to decide whether it is promising in your case to select gender, whether a born girl or boy does not have any X-linked diseases. 3. The fertility clinic is taking full accountability for the commencement of pregnancy. 4. If the pregnancy does not happen or is aborted, we will remain to work with you until we get the result, or till the birth of your baby. 5. If the female is above 45 years old and she cannot use her eggs to form an embryo, she has a choice of using our egg donation services and her partner’s sperm. In this case, the child will have 50% of the genes of your family. 6. The clinic will choose for you a genetically perfect egg donor and consider your requirements in terms of donor's appearance, height, weight, ethnicity. 7. We promise that your donor has no hereditary diseases, including cancer, mental, endocrinological, and this will be established by DNA testing. We assess each DNA analysis, and with this information, we will select the best DNA for your child. 8. You will be able to closely oversee the progression of pregnancy, see how the embryo develops, communicate with the surrogate mother, and get engaged in the process. At the time of birth, you can see the birth of your long-awaited baby. 9. Full legal support – warranty of legality of reproductive services

Dogus Fertility Clinic not only guarantees the birth of a healthy child of the desired gender but also provides full legal support.

Our technology allows you to plan the gender of the child, take control of their future in health aspects, protect them from several risky genetic disorders, and provide them with a healthy inheritance that will give them every chance to live healthy and happy life.

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