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Dogus Embryo Donation Procedure

When should we consider using a donor?


Have you wondered when you should consider using a donor ? Rest assured that many people have. And they still do. The question of when to consider using a donor is a tough one to answer, in most cases depends on the situation and requires professional consultation we provide at Dogus IVF Clinic. However the factors that may lead to the need to make such a decision, are common amongst many couples.

Poor egg quality. Due to age or other health factors, the egg quality produced by women may be poor. This usually results in a poor grade embryo and/or failure during fertilization, maturation and implantation.

Low sperm count. Many men face the challenge of low sperm count, and in this case, the count produced is not sufficient to impregnate the female partner. Various fertility treatments have been developed to address this problem, with final solution of obtaining sperm from a sperm bank.

Previous failed IVF attempts. Unexplained infertility may be diagnosed after several failed IVF cycles. This, resulting in financial strains, emotional impacts and depression necessitates the consideration of techniques that include egg/sperm/embryo donations.

Age. It is common to find women in the later stages of life wishing to conceive or add more children to the family, however they may face challenges due to their age. Menopause of premature menopause may affect the quality and grade of the eggs, and this in turn affecting the success of a pregnancy.

Infectious diseases. Diseases that can be passed on from parent to child may highly affect the decision on how to go about creating a family. In such cases, using a donor is the safest and most advisable way forward.

When a couple is facing one or more of the above, they should consider using a donor. A donor may donate eggs, sperm or an embryo.

Egg Donation
In the case of egg donation, the female partner choses an egg donor of her choice (age, geo location, education, nation, color of skin, eyes, etc.), and fertilization is completed with the sperm of her husband/partner. This is usually done when a couple has poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, or woman is aged 35 and above. Egg donation at Dogus IVF Cyprus is a fertility treatment with the highest success rate, at Dogus IVF we have no waiting lists.  

Sperm donation
In the instance where one receives sperm donation from a sperm bank, the female is inseminated with sperm into her uterine cavity to allow for fertilization to occur in her fallopian tubes and conception to take place a few days later. This is usually choice made by single women, or women whose partners have no or low sperm count.

Embryo donation
Alternatively, when a couple is the recipient of an embryo donation, the embryo may either be inserted into the fallopian tube to be allowed to mature as usual, or it may instead be inserted into the uterine cavity to allow for implantation to take place. The choice of an embryo donation may either be the result of poor egg quality, age, low ovarian reserve, or infectious diseases that have a high chance of being passed on from the parent to the child. Dogus IVF assures an excellent choice of embryo donors and ultimate donor anonymity.


Donor fertility treatments result in the highest success rates amongst all other techniques in assisted reproduction.

It is most advisable to consider using a donor for couples who have previously failed attempts at trying to conceive. One should bear in mind that every single process in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) is both financially and emotionally draining. And it is often advised that a couple choose a technique that has the highest success rates.


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