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Egg Donation

In some instances, at the request of the recipient, the egg donor may be a relative. This is commonly a younger sister, cousin or friend. Apart from this, Dogus IVF Centre has an excellent selection of eggs, with a wide base including Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and Pakistani.

Egg donation treatment has a duration that lasts approximately 5 days. During this time, the recipient may stay at one of the hotels that are located in the beautiful seaside town of Kerynia and after embryo transfer, the patient may return home the next day.

Paying attention to a few simple precautions, the recipient can then return to their normal life and daily activities. This will include emphasis in eating healthy, reducing caffeine intake, staying away from drinking and smoking, and not doing too many strenuous tasks. After 12 days from the day of the embryo transfer, the patient can do a blood test to know for sure if they are pregnant.

Egg donation is a technique that is adopted in assisted reproduction where eggs are donated from a healthy and young woman to any other woman with ovulation or gynecological problems. Egg donation is done for women who unable to produce their own eggs or produce them in small quantities or with poor quality. This then enables the recipient a chance at being able to conceive a child, carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a healthy baby.

Egg donation at Dogus IVF Centre is done under very concise criteria. It is with vigorous screening and selection that egg donors are selected. This is done to provide the best quality eggs for couples in need. Young, mentally and physically healthy candidates are chosen to be egg donors, and their medical history extensively scrutinized. All patients attempting egg donation at Dogus IVF Centre are assured the best egg donations for their IVF treatments. Moreover, the quality of their ovules assures us for many years to come that there is a high chance of success that lies between 70% and 80%.

The Egg Donation Process

Once a donor has been chosen, the treatment schedule is then commenced. The menstrual cycle of the donor is studied, documented and then charted, and then synchronized with that of the recipient. A hormone therapy treatment with injections begins that brings to fruition many ovocytes from the donor.
Concurrently, the receiving woman makes her endometrium receptive to implantation by taking estrogen pills prescribed by the doctor. These assist to welcome the embryo into the uterine cavity after fertilization of the ovocytes from the donor.
Using ICSI, the fertilized ovocytes are retrieved from the donor. These are usually between 10 and 20 eggs exclusively for each recipient. After fertilization, the embryos are cultured in the lab. Once they have reached the blastocyst stage and are ready for implantation, one to three embryos are transferred to the recipient.

Egg donation is applicable to the following cases :

  • Women who have reached the menopause
  • Women who cannot produce eggs or produce eggs of poor quality
  • Women who have already made attempts at assisted reproduction and have failed
  • Women who may have transmitted diseases and do not want to hereditary pass them on to their children.
Dogus IVF Centre has skilled and qualifies doctors, embryologists, geneticists and other staff that ensure egg donation is done effectively, safely, and that each procedure is relevant to each individual case.
All donors at the Dogus IVF Centre are healthy young women, mostly in their twenties. The donors are subjected to all the tests needed before any standard egg donation. Our specialists certify this to ensure that the donors are in excellent health to donate ovocytes.
At the Dogus IVF Centre the donor undergoes the following tests, ensuring unequivocally that the donor is healthy (free from genetic and infectious diseases) and fertile:
  • Test hormone (FSH, LH, E2, PRL)
  • Genetic diseases analysis (hemophilia, thalassemia, Mediterranean fever, cystic fibrosis)
  • Infectious diseases analysis (anti-HIV, anti-HCV, HBsAg, CMV IgG, Rubella IgG, VDRL)
  • Blood analysis (blood group and rh, hematological, biochemical)
  • The donor and its relatives, should not submit any genetic disease which may cause any hazard to the receiver.
  • Psychological test

At Dogus IVF Centre, the donor is always anonymous. After donating her eggs to the Egg Donation program, there will not be any connection between the recipient and the donor. This is to ensure the privacy and safety of both the donor and the recipient. Dogus IVF Centre ensures that it protects the privacy of all its patients and that it continues to be the centre for professionalism.
The information available about each donor will be:
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • Profession and education
  • Nationality

The Dogus IVF Centre is a reference center for Egg Donation in Europe and it ensures that :

  • Patients will never be placed on a waiting lists
  • There will be an exhaustive study on medical history and genetic composition of the donor
  • There will be an exclusive assignment to each donor, allowing a greater number of ovocytes that will improve the quantity and quality of the donation.
  • There will be absolute compatibility between the donor and her recipient
  • There will be a meticulous selection of similar physical characteristics between on behalf of the recipient.

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