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Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


What is the relationship between age and fertility?
For women, there is a large correlation between age and fertility. Women's fertility begins to decline mostly after the age of 35. In the case of men, they can produce sperm throughout their lives and not be affected by age.
What is the maximum age limit for fertility treatment at your clinic?
There is no age limit for fertility treatment at the Dogus IVF Centre.
Can I book a flight even though I have an irregular cycle?
During initial consultations with the doctors at the Dogus IVF Clinic, information regarding your cycle will be collected. You will then be prescribed the contraceptive pill which will regulate your cycle. After this you will be free to book your flight in advance.
For how long has the Dogus IVF Centre been in practice?
The Dogus IVF Centre as been practicing fertility treatments successfully for over 20years.
The embryo transfer procedure, how long does it last and is it painful?
The Embryo transfer takes 15 minutes. The procedure is painless but one might feel slightly uncomfortable. The feeling will disappear very quickly.
Can I eat or drink before the embryo transfer?
Yes, you can eat and drink before the embryo transfer.
How do I know if the embryos were transferred?
The whole process will be shown to you via an ultrasound machine.

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