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The Dogus IVF Centre has become one of Cyprus’ best clinics in the field of In Vitro fertilization as well as all other fertility treatments for over 20 years. Under the directive of the skilled and reputable Dr Sevket Alpturk, both the clinic and its staff have garnered the expertise to handle a multitude of cases and present their patients with the best outcomes. We aim to walk all our patients through their journeys to being parents and starting healthy and happy families. Here at Dogus we believe every case unique and every patient is different, but the most common thing is that everyone deserves to experience the joys of parenthood.

Thanks to our dedicated team of fertility experts, the results achieved and high success rates gained have made Dogus one of the most popular IVF centres in Europe.

Egg Donation

Egg donation is a technique that is adopted in assisted reproduction where eggs are donated from a healthy and young woman to any other woman with ovulation or gynecological problems. Egg donation is done for women who unable to produce their own eggs or produce them in small quantities or with poor quality. This then enables the recipient a chance at being able to conceive a child, carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a healthy baby.

Embryo donation

Embryo donation is a method used in Assisted Reproduction whereby donors, whether anonymous or identified, donates her embryos. This is usually resorted to in the cases where couples cannot have children of their own either due to poor egg quality or low sperm count. Dogus IVF Centre assures an excellent choice of embryo donors otherwise known as the Donation of Embryos. In essence, embryo donation involves the ovocyte and sperm removal from donors and fertilization of them. This solution is suitable for couples in three situations; those who are not able to produce ovocytes, men with a low sperm count or single women who do not produce eggs.

Dogus IVF Centre assures the ultimate donor anonymity.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is a method used in Assisted Reproduction whereby males, under the donor program, donate their sperm. This is usually resorted to in the cases where couples are unsuccessful in conceiving a child mainly due to low sperm count. Dogus IVF Centre assures an excellent choice of sperm donors.



Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection known in short as ICSI, is the process in which a sperm is injected into an egg by a micro-needle under the guidance of a microscope. This technique is performed in the laboratory and is done to ensure the highest possible chance of the successful fertilization of an egg. During the procedure, the ovocyte is held immobile by a special suction microscopic cup under a degree of concentration, specialization, quality and modernity of equipment. Dogus IVF Centre is proud to have successfully implemented this technique for years. With successful ICSI, patients then find themselves in conditions that are highly in favor of successful conception, implantation and a higher chance of pregnancy.

Sperm Retrieval


Fertility is among the most emotionally traumatic challenges that a couple may face. It is important to do preliminary tests to investigate the cause of infertility and upon whom the infertility lies.

PESA, MESA or TESE are used to help couples where it is the male partner who has infertility issues. In these cases the partner may either have a low sperm count or low sperm mobility. In other cases men might have no sperm present in the semen when he ejaculates. During PESA, MESA and TESE, all procedures are used with ICSI to ensure fertilization.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PDG) is a very complex procedure that is done for couple with genetic disorders, in order to give the the security of having a healthy baby. It is a process that involves carefully and accurately assessing the genetics of the embryos. The is done before the implantation of the embryo into the woman's uterus. It is applied more in cases where couples have genes responsible for genetic diseases (eg. anemia Mediterranean, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, etc..). With PGD only healthy embryos are chosen so that a pregnancy will not be interrupted or embryonic problems will not be created. PGD also applies to couples who are already parents of a genetically challenged child, and would like to prevent the occurrence of that happening again. Also, it may be for those who have inherited diseases, but also in cases of failure with the nesting of the embryos due to karyotypic-chromosomal abnormalities or even in cases of repeated abortions.

Tandem cycle

A Tandem Cycle is the ability of a clinic to execute, and a patient to undergo, two treatments at once (IVF and Egg donation). This is usually done to allow doctors to choose the best ovaries and egg quality that may yield the highest success for the patient. In essence, a woman will undergo an IVF treatment as normal, and will also receive donor eggs. The resulting eggs from the stimulated ovaries will be compared to those from the donor, and those with the higher quality, will bee selected for fertilization.
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