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Embryo donation

Embryo donation is a method used in Assisted Reproduction whereby donors, whether anonymous or identified, donates her embryos. This is usually resorted to in the cases where couples cannot have children of their own either due to poor egg quality or low sperm count. Dogus IVF Centre assures an excellent choice of embryo donors otherwise known as the Donation of Embryos. In essence, embryo donation involves the ovocyte and sperm removal from donors and fertilization of them. This solution is suitable for couples in three situations; those who are not able to produce ovocytes, men with a low sperm count or single women who do not produce eggs.
Dogus IVF Centre assures the ultimate donor anonymity.

How is the selection of donors done?

When selecting donors, either male or female, the physical features (height, hair, skin and eye color, as well as weight) of the recipient and her partner are mostly taken into consideration. At Dogus IVF Centre, our female donors are women in their prime (between the ages of 20 to 25 years), while the male donors are men aged between 20 and 35 years. The Dogus IVF Centre provides its patients with both two fresh and frozen embryo donations.
Fresh Embryo donation: This procedure is done when a donor is stimulated with injections. Upon successful maturation of her eggs, egg removal will be conducted and her eggs will be fertilized with sperm from a male donor. This is referred to double donation (ovocyte donation + sperm donation). The embryo is then transferred into the patient as fresh.
Frozen Embryo donation: Frozen embryos in our stock are from donors (fresh eggs) will be defrosted and transferred into the recipient patient.
In both techniques, the recipient will need to take prescribed medication in order to maximize chances of implantation and have a resulting successful pregnancy. These will be prescribed to her by the attending physician.
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