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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is when a woman carries and gives birth to a baby for another person or couple. The eggs of the intended mother or a donor are used and there is therefore no genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate.

Your surrogate will be a:

  • Young and healthy woman
  • Woman who didn’t have pregnancy-related diabetes and pre-eclampsia women in previous pregnancies
  • Woman whose social life and psychological status are suitable for surrogacy
  • Woman without any infectious disease
  • Woman whose Body Mass Index to be in normal standards
  • Woman who do not use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Woman who doesn’t have a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)

Our fertility Clinic has become one of Cyprus best clinics in the field of In Vitro fertilization as well as all other fertility treatments for over 20 years. The Clinic and its team of highly qualified specialists ensure that each case is treated with unique and continuous care, and all treatment is done in an affordable and time-conscious manner.

Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where a woman (the surrogate)
offers to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of another person or couple and then return
the baby to the intended parent(s) once it is born. In surrogacy, an embryo is created using an
egg and sperm produced by the intending parent(s) (or donors) and is transferred into the
surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate has no genetic link to the child.

You can do Surrogacy if you are:

  • Woman without congenital wombs
  • Woman whose uterus have been removed because of tumor, fibroids, cancer, etc
  • Woman who had a miscarriage
  • Same sex couple
  • Single man
  • Single woman
  • Woman diagnosed with Aschermann’s syndrome
  • Woman at risk of becoming pregnant and giving birth (women with serious heart and lung disease, women who have a risk of life-threatening clotting)
  • Woman with Congenital anomalies
The cost of the full surrogacy programs is €60.000.

This price includes

  • Research of a suitable surrogate mother.
  • Pre-pregnancy tests of surrogate mother.
  • Tests performed during pregnancy.
  • Medication of surrogate mother before and during pregnancy.
  • Full costs of surrogate mother during pregnancy.
  • Legal Fees
  • 5 embryo transfer attempts if the first, second, third and fourth attempts are negative.
  • Ivf treatment (using own eggs and sperm)

Payment Protocol

  • 10% due within signing the contract

  • 20% When Ministry of health permit approved

  • 30% due within one week of confirmation of heartbeat

  • 40% at 20 weeks in pregnancy

Extra costs

  • Egg donation €4500
  • Sperm donation €3500
  • Embryo donation €5000

Surrogacy: Legal Procedures

After you have decided to come to our clinic for your surrogacy treatment, our lawyers will prepare a contract that will be signed by both parties.

This contract will confirm:

all pre-natal, during pregnancy examinations are performed by us, 

the payment methods, the cost of the treatment, 

all that is included and excluded in the price and it will be specified that the surrogate mother will not be able to claim her parental rights.

After the birth, an official birth certificate will be issued where you will be recognized as the child’s legal parent/s.

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